S&P 500 Index Heiken Ashi Trading System

S&P 500 Heiken Ashi Trading System

Notes & Rules: 

1. Heiken Ashi candlesticks are known to be quite effective in profitable trading and these are different from the normal candlesticks.

2. The open value for next day  is determined at the end of today's trading which gives a handy edge to traders.

3. Current day's High , Low & Close value will change as per intraday movement in the security, however current day's OPEN will remain same with no change.

4. When OPEN & LOW remains same for the full trading session we  get a BULLISH candle suggesting upward momentum.

5. Likewise when OPEN & HIGH remains same we get a BEARISH candle suggesting weakness ahead.

6. In any other scenario we get a DOJI type candle which shows either a reversal (after UP/DOWN trend) or a rangebound move ahead in the security.

7. This system helps to stay with the trend till it ends .

8. One should BUY when we get a BULLISH candle and should sell when a BEARISH candle is generated.

9. This system is suited for Positional traders .

10. This system is shared only for educational  purpose & should not be taken/used as a trading advice.

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